Behind the Scenes: A Pink Blazer


blazer for tall women

blazer for tall women

blazer for tall women

I know what you might be thinking: "I don't need a pink blazer," "a pink blazer isn't practical," or "it's cute, but where do I wear it?". I get it. I don't think I've ever thought to myself "I need a pink blazer." So, why did I design a pink blazer?

Because I have wanted a feminine, work-appropriate blazer since I entered the corporate world. A standard black suit is not necessarily easy to come by when you're tall, but there are workable options. Yet, whenever I found a standard suit that fit my tall frame, I felt manly. Now, to be fair, I'm particularly sensitive about this feeling and have been for as long as I can remember. But, I know I'm not alone. (Side note: as a very young child, strangers would tell me how "big" I was. They were referencing my height but I found it offensive and readily corrected them to the dismay of my mother).

Yet, my job required me to dress up and wear suits regularly so I had no choice but to wear clothing that made me feel insecure. I don't think clothing should make you feel insecure or like there's something wrong with you or your body. Instead, I think clothes should make you feel confident and good about yourself. And as a young professional woman in a male dominated industry, I needed all the confidence boosts I could get.

This blazer is the answer to my search for a feminine yet professional blazer. The pink tweed easily pairs with black or navy dress pants, skirts, and dresses. The peplum silhouette and self-tie belt accentuate your feminine shape, and the three-quarter length sleeves (that are actually three-quarter length on long arms) stay out of the way and make it virtually seasonless. Oh, and a snap closure ensures it stays in place. Wear it to the office, client meetings, to court, and even on the weekends or after hours paired with denim. It's a big confidence booster to say the least!

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