Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

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casual valentine's day outfit inspiration - tall faux wrap top - clothing for tall women

casual outfit inspiration - faux wrap top - faux wrap top for tall women

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I can't say that Valentine's Day is a big deal in our household, but we do take the opportunity to do a little something special. Usually I give my husband a card and he picks up my favorite sweet treat or flowers.

We also love to cook together on the holiday. The tradition started over a decade ago on our first Valentine's Day together (we were in college at the time!). My husband has an amazing recipe for the best seasoned steak I've ever tasted. As he was preparing it on the stove top (since he didn't have a grill at the apartment), he set off the fire alarms. The steak didn't turn out as it was supposed to and our fancy, at home dinner didn't turn out as he had planned. So, we jumped in the car, fancy clothes and all, and headed to Char Grill. It turned out to be one of our best dates ever, but is also a big reason why we don't take the holiday too seriously.


Some years we cook a fancy meal at home and get dressed up, but sometimes we keep things low-key (we love making breakfast for dinner) and casual. We haven't decided on the menu for this year, but I think we're leaning towards low-key, so I'll probably throw on this casual outfit. I love how the burgundy top keeps it in the spirit of the holiday without being over the top. Adding statement earrings and a little lipstick makes it date night ready! 

Are you keeping it casual this your or getting dressed up? You can definitely dress this top up of you want - pair it with lace or velvet pants, a pencil skirt, or keep the jeans and swap the flats for heels! But, if you're craving something a little fancier, I love the fixed wrap dress.


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