Consumer Talk: Best Denim Shorts


A pair of denim shorts was on my shopping list this summer so I started looking around online and found two promising (ethical & sustainable) options: this pair from Everlane and these from Able. I'd also stumbled upon these eco shorts from JCrew while on their website.

At the same time, I was in the throes of searching for white denim, finding my perfect pair of white sneakers, and new sheets. So, I wasn't thrilled about the idea of ordering more stuff online and having to deal with returns (also, not the most environmentally friendly option). I live close to a JCrew and decided to stop in to take a look at the eco shorts I'd spotted online. I tried on my normal JCrew denim size (27) and fell in love. They fit perfectly, are high waisted (but not crazy uncomfortable high waisted) and have some stretch. Plus, they do not hug my thigh and have a reasonable inseam length. I don't think shorts shopping has ever gone so smoothly for me before. Literally the first pair I try on happens to check all my boxes, how is that possible?!

I was standing in line to check out when I noticed the fair trade label. I was willing to settle for a sustainably made garment and had no idea they'd be ethically made as well. I find it crazy that JCrew does not highlight that in the product description.

I will note that JCrew does disclose the factory, Saitex, that they work with to manufacture the denim. A quick Google search reveals that this is the same factory that Everlane uses which shouldn't come as a surprise to me, but did. You can read more about Saitex here, here, and here

I've been a long time JCrew fan so I'm excited to see this transition!

Photo via JCrew


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