Date Night Make Up Routine

clothing for tall women make up routine

clothing for tall women - make up routine

clothing for tall women - make up


I shared my daily make up routine here. Today, I'm sharing my full look - one that I usually use for date night. My favorite part is that it builds on my daily make up routine; it's not different. That way, I can simply add on while on my way to dinner or drinks after work or before leaving the house.

Start with the complete daily make up routine as a base. I touch it up if necessary, but also usually layer additional blush for more color. Then, I add BECCA under eye brightening cream followed by Sephora's brightening gel. I skip the BECCA under eye cream when I'm going for a more subtle look. I've tried dozens of eye shadows in an attempt to find a color that brings out my green eyes and have yet to find one that I like. However, these two products used together do the trick.

To complete the look, I apply mascara. Although I have naturally long eyelashes, they are very fine and tend to clump together. I received Clinique's chubby lash as a sample with purchase from Nordstrom and absolutely love how much fullness it provides. It does add some length, but primarily, it adds volume and fullness. I layer with a Bare Minerals product if I want some added length. I finish with a few strokes of Bobbi Brown's brightening stick to lighten and set everything. That's it! It's quick and easy, but makes me feel great for an evening out with my husband.

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Photos by Hannah Bjorndal


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