Fixed Wrap Top Styled Casually

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I've wanted a fixed or faux wrap dress for years. YEARS. But, I was never able to find that fit my long torso and was work appropriate. Also, for some unknown reason, most wrap dresses are offered in a thin jersey material. That material makes the dress clingy and very unforgiving (i.e. you can see the outline of your belly button). I also have no patience for fidgeting with my clothing all day to make sure it stays put which I'm pretty sure is what an actual wrap dress requires. So, I designed this dress. It's a fixed wrap dress so it stays put at the waist. I loved it so much that I wanted it in top form too, so I quickly sourced more ponte fabric in my favorite color of the season and we made this top.

It's extremely versatile. I've worn it with jeans as pictured here, dressed it up for holiday parties, and it can easily be paired with black pants or a pencil skirt for the office.

Shop fixed wrap top here (fixed wrap dress here).

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