Make Up Routine for the Office

clothing for tall women every day make up routine

clothing for tall women everyday makeup routine

clothing for tall women everyday make up routine

clothing for tall women everyday makeup routine

I like to make getting ready in the morning as seamless as possible. That means I invest in clothing that is versatile and easy to wear. It also means that my make up routine is filled with no-fuss, high impact products. These are my tried and true favorites that I use daily and are a combination of department and drug store finds.

After applying a moisturizer with sunscreen, I use Bobbi Brown stick foundation. I like it because it provides medium coverage and is easily buildable if I want more for date night or a special occasion. I've had bad experiences with liquid foundations in the past; they tend to be thick and worst of all, cause me to break out. Yet, powder foundation didn't provide enough coverage and wore off quickly. This stick foundation is the best of both worlds!

I've used a lot of different types and brands of blush over the years and never truly loved any of them. Everything I tried was just OK. But, I recently discovered the Clinique Chubby Stick for cheeks and I'm in love. I highly recommend both the rhubarb and rose colors.

I can't believe I didn't stumble upon the chubby stick for cheeks sooner because I've been buying Clinique's chubby sticks for lips for years. My favorite colors are cherry, strawberry, and peony. I find that the colors do not go on as bright as they appear in the tube, but that it provides more color than advertised and is easily layered. It lasts for hours and is easy to reapply when necessary (no mirror needed). I buy them over and over and in multiples so that I can have one on hand at all times.

I won't leave the house without filling in my eyebrows. I actually fill them in just to go to spin class in the morning. I'm not kidding. I absolutely love the pencil by Milani; it's cheap and available at your local drugstore and Target. My eyeliner is also a drugstore find by Revlon.

That's it! That's my every day make up routine that takes no more than 10 minutes. What are your favorite make up products? Anything in your make up bag a must have? I'd love to hear your suggestions; please share in the comments below!

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Photos by Hannah Bjorndal

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