One Dress, Five Women

When designing a new piece for the ME collection, I aim to make the item as versatile as possible so that you can get as much wear as possible out of it. I also strive to make the piece as flattering on as many body shapes and types as possible. Our initial three releases (this top, dress, and blazer), came in sizes XS - XL and 2 - 16. I expanded the size range in my most recent release. Now, you can shop styles in sizes XS - XXL and 2 - 18. So, I design with these size ranges in mind.

The fixed wrap dress was designed to be your go-to, wear anywhere dress. I've personally worn this dress to the office, client meetings, parties, the theater, dinner, and out and about on the weekend. I'm pretty sure that sums up everywhere I go and everything I do in a typical month. And, as it turns out, it even makes the perfect dress to wear to a winter wedding.

It was also intended to be flattering on just about anyone and everyone. The thick ponte fabric is great for cooler temperatures and for flattering your curves and hiding what you don't want anyone to see (side rant: I hate the thin jersey material that most wrap dresses are made of that literally shows the outline of your belly button even if you are stick thin). It has a defined waist, and pleats for added breathing room. Also, because it's a fixed wrap dress, you don't have to worry about it coming undone.

To show just how universally flattering this dress is, I thought I'd share photos of five different women wearing the dress. Heights range from 5'9'' to 6'2'' and sizes range from 4 to 18. I can't tell you how amazing it is to see this design work for so many tall women!

Meghan (5'10'') wearing a size 4 (Photo by Ana Isabel Photography)


fixed wrap dress - wrap dress - little black dress- dresses for tall women

Jenae of Fit + Flatter (5'11'') wearing a size 8 (Photo via Fit + Flatter)

 faux wrap dress - dresses for tall women - faux wrap dress for tall women - little black dress
ML of Fit + Flatter (5'11'') wearing a size 8 (Photo via Fit + Flatter)
clothing for tall women - tall plus size black dress - plus size clothing for women - plus size wrap dress

Christina of Fit + Flatter (5'9'') wearing a size 18 (Photo via Fit + Flatter)

faux wrap dress - clothing for tall women - tall faux wrap dress - sizes 2-18

Scouting Tall (6'2'') wearing a size 10 (Photo via Scouting Tall)

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