Meet the Striped Linen Dress

Anusha is 5'4" and wearing a Regular XL

Truth: I kinda hate linen. For a few reasons. First, it wrinkles SO badly. I know, you're supposed to embrace the wrinkles and wear them proudly. But, I just can't. I can't handle that a perfectly dry cleaned linen garment becomes a wrinkled mess just a few hours into my day. Second, it seems to be the only fabric the ethical and sustainable fashion industry knows and uses. And, for the most part it's boring. It's almost always a solid color. Usually being used for a boxy, over-sized silhouette. As you can probably imagine, those are not attributes I find desirable in a piece of clothing.

When I stumbled on this striped linen and cotton blend, I immediately fell in love. The vertical stripe! The colors! The fact that it is a blended fabric meant it wouldn't wrinkle nearly as badly as 100% linen. But, it was sold out and wouldn't be re-stocked in time for me to use for my 2018 Summer collection. So, I kept it in mind for the future and planned way ahead for 2019 in order to use it. I think it was totally worth the wait (see linen shift dress and the paper bag waist skirt). 

A little bit more about this dress. It's a shift dress with a yoke and inverted pleat in back. This results in a little bit of stripe play. The yoke features a horizontal stripe while the body of the dress has vertical stripe. The tulip sleeves are fun and flattering (especially combined with the v neck). The self tie belt gives the dress shape. I recommend placing it about 1 to 2" above your belly button (there are no belt hoops so you can wear it with or without the belt). And, I can't forget to mention that it has pockets!

It's also lined. I struggled with the decision to line it. Doing so means it's a little bit heavier and more expensive (it's basically two dresses in one and requires double the fabric). But, I didn't want you to be concerned at all about the sheerness of the wide ivory stripes. Because it's a linen/cotton blend it still breathes very well and I don't find the added layer to be a problem. 

Photos by Ana Isabel Photography

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