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gift guide for tall women - meghan evans clothing - clothing for tall women

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me note that I never start my holiday shopping until December. Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me and we usually spend the weekend traveling and/or decorating for Christmas (this year we were late). So, shopping just isn't on my agenda on Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday.

But, come December 1, I'm ready to start shopping for friends and family. I love finding the perfect, thoughtful gift for others. I truly enjoy buying that one thing they've had on the wishlist for months but haven't splurged on or introducing them to a new brand or product that I think they'll love. Because of my approach, I'm generally a less is more gifter - meaning, I buy fewer, more expensive gifts.

Today is the first installment of my gift guides this year and it is for tall women. So, add these items to your wishlist or gift them to your tall friends and family.

gloves for long fingers - gloves for tall women - clothing for tall women - gift guide for tall women

gift guide for tall women - meghan evans clothing - gloves for long fingers

Gloves //  I've never owned a pair of leather gloves before. Because I have long fingers and long palms (is that a thing?), I've always found it difficult to find gloves that fit. So, I usually settled on a pair of fleece or knit gloves because the ability to stretch them out was better than a pair of leather gloves that were too small. It wasn't an ideal solution, but the only option I thought I had.

Since launching this clothing line, I've made an effort to connect with other small business owners, both locally in Washington, DC and those that cater to tall women. That's how I stumbled upon Tall Fingers. I reached out to the owner, Jess, to inquire about borrowing a pair to try before recommending them here. When they arrived and I tried them on, I was shocked by how well they fit my fingers and hand. Jess kindly and unexpectedly gifted this pair to me (I thought I was receiving them on loan and was going to add them to my holiday wishlist). I opted for the studded pair because I thought they were a fun detail that coordinated with my grey outerwear. But they come in other colors, including a solid black.

If you're shopping for a tall man, Tall Fingers also carries men's gloves.*

shoes for tall women - gift guide for tall women - clothing for tall women

Image courtesy of Rayo

Shoes // I personally have not struggled with finding shoes due to my height. I generally wear an 8 or 8.5 and I have really(!) narrow feet, so shoe shopping is no easy task, don't get me wrong. But, I have not had to search high and low for extended sizing. Rayo, a new footwear brand based in the UK, specializes in extended sizing. And while I don't think many of us wish for larger feet, I do wish that, Rayo, came in my size. I absolutely adore the faux fur pom pom detail (which is removable!)! The grey is my personal favorite because it'd go with pretty much everything in my closet, but they are also available in blue and red. I think any color would be the perfect compliment to our wrap dress for holiday parties this season. Shipping to the US is available!

Photo by Ana Isabel Photography

Clothing // I usually have several items of clothing on my wishlist every holiday season. My family never wants to independently pick out clothing for me, but they know it's at the top of my want list, so I send them links to specific products and let the know my preferred color and size. Or, I'll share my "wishlist" from a particular brand with them.

If there's a ME piece that's been on your wishlist, send a link to friends or family or simply use the wishlist feature on our site. To wishlist an item, simply click the heart in the upper right hand corner of the website. You can then share it directly with anyone via email. If you are the one purchasing an ME piece as a gift, please feel free to leave a note at check-out. Our 30 day return policy allows plenty of time for any necessary returns or exchanges after the holidays.

Shop merlot top here | Shop black dress here.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Hannah Bjorndal Photography

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