Inspiration Behind The Double Peplum Top

My love for peplum tops knows no bounds. I find that they are extremely flattering no matter your height or shape. I know, some people are quick to say that they can't wear peplum tops. They've even tried some and they didn't work. But, I'm here to tell you that a peplum top can work for you, you just haven't found the right one.

Why am I so obsessed with peplum tops? Because they define my waistline and float away my stomach. I'm very self-conscious when it comes to my stomach because I have a GI disorder, gastroparesis, that slows my digestion which results in stomach bloat that is unpredictable and can be extreme at times. Peplum tops work to hide my insecurities while flattering my figure. Even if you're not trying hide your stomach, I believe they provide a really flattering shape by defining your waistline and floating over your hips.

The key to finding a peplum top that works for you is twofold. First, it needs to hit properly at the waistline. If it's too high or too low, it won't flatter. I recommend finding one that hits at your belly button to approximately 2" above your belly button. Second, it needs to be long enough. In other words, the peplum portion needs to be long enough. If it's not, it will create unflattering proportions.

To ensure the best fitting peplum, this shirt comes in both regular and tall sizes. It's been a customer favorite this summer because the cotton poplin material is ideal for summer heat and it offers a touch of femininity. It pairs easily with shorts (I've worn it with the ME floral shorts even though I didn't initially design the two to go together), white and dark denim. It's also perfect for the office - pair it with your favorite navy or black dress pants. I will take this top into fall by layering with a chunky cardigan.

Are you a peplum fan as well? Have you had trouble finding one that works for you? Share your thoughts below, because I'm sure this won't be the last peplum top you see from me!

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  • This peplum top is my summer go-to! It’s so easy to pair with shorts, jeans, and a pencil skirt if you want to dress it up! It’s light and long enough to cover all the spots you mention. It’s also a great travel outfit if I say so myself! Thanks for sharing, Meghan!


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