The Sample Making Process & A Sneak Peek of Summer

sample making process - muslin sample - made in dc

Sample top in muslin

alterations to muslin sample - research and development - made in dc

Proposed modifications to sample muslin sleeve

sneak peek summer 2018 - blue and white stop top - denim jacquard

Sneak Peek of Summer 2018

I'm currently at the tail end of perfecting samples and have started production on the Summer collection. Because I offer such limited quantities of each style, the actual time it takes to manufacture the collection is relatively short (we will be releasing new pieces in early June).

But, the research and development process is long and drawn out for a few reasons. First, I'm offering new styles this summer including shorts, skirts, and tops. I'm also making minor modifications to the fit of our "signature silhouette" based on customer feedback. Going forward, I will be able to use these patterns and samples so the process will be more streamlined.

Second, I tend to select unique fabrics that can be unpredictable. Although I always sample swatches and consult with my pattern maker before we make a fabric sample, sometimes it's just impossible to predict how a particular fabric will work with a design. When a fabric sample doesn't turn out as hoped, I'm forced to find replacement fabric or scrap the design. If I worked exclusively with knits or one type of fabric, this wouldn't be an issue. But, using a variety of unique fabrics is a key component of the brand (and what excites me the most) so it's worth it. If you're interested, you can learn more about how I source fabric here.

The styles I design are tailored and usually include darts, defined waistlines, and pleats. These design details require the perfect fit. Once we complete a fabric sample, I wear it and inevitably have some alterations I'd like to make. This is of course, after we've already completed a muslin sample that I've tried on and tweaked.

The Summer collection will be worth the wait - I mean, just look at that denim jacquard!

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