The Textured Lilac Top & A Little Bit About Fit Models


Anusha is 5'4" and wearing a Regular XL.

Ana is 5'7" and wearing a Regular M

I'm excited to feature a piece from the new collection a week over the course of the next month or so. I'm going to do my best to include photos of other women wearing the pieces so you can see it on someone else besides me.

First up: the Lilac Textured Top. This is my favorite top out of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. I'm a sucker for textured fabric, and when I stumbled on this cotton last summer in my supplier's NYC showroom, I knew I had to use it. So, I designed this style which works well with the fabric (it's a thicker, more structured fabric). The design is relatively simple, but is not short on details. It features a scoop back, wide hem, and side-seam splits. Pair it with white denim for an effortless pulled together look. PS: I'm convinced this color looks good on everyone!

 I also wanted to share why you see so much of me on the website and Instagram. As a small (tiny or minuscule is a better word, really) brand, I do everything. I design each style, attend trade shows and meet with suppliers to source fabric, meet with my pattern maker to develop styles and coordinate production, fulfill all orders, manage social media and the website, schedule and plan all photo shoots. I also model for all photo shoots because I serve as the brand's fit model and as such have a sample that can be photographed in advance of a product launch.

A fit model needs to be relatively proportionate (same size on top and bottom) and available for multiple meetings throughout the design and production process. I happen to be the same size on top on bottom and because I have to attend all meetings with my pattern maker, I'm available for all fittings. I also want to personally wear test every piece before approving it for production to make sure it lives up to my standards. It's hard to rely on someone else to communicate detailed fit and comfort thoughts on a piece, or trust that they'll perform all the tests I believe necessary (e.g., driving, prolonged city walking). 

When I launched the regulars in 2018, I did work with a fit model to perfect the proportions and length of the regular sizes. But, I simultaneously tested the same styles in tall to address all of the above. Based on that experience, we now know all necessary adjustments to any tall sizes made for me to sample and then I confirm fit by begging friends to try them on for me (oftentimes in random bathrooms). My pattern maker will also try things on and offers yet another perspective on fit.

 When designing, I do work to design styles that will be flattering on a wide range of of body sizes and shapes. I carry sizes XS - XL and 2 - 16. And, it's my hope to demonstrate that to y'all via these blog posts.

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  • Very interesting to hear about how you get the perfect fit. I’m always amazed at how much work goes into designing and producing a piece!


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