Easy Recipes for Fall

I'm not a good cook. I'm a better baker, but that's relative which means I'm an alright baker. I'm easily discouraged in the kitchen when a recipe I try turns out poorly and I don't necessarily enjoy the process. Plus, what takes thirty minutes to prepare takes five to eat which seems entirely unreasonable.

I am, however, really good at following recipes (maybe this is why I'm better at baking?). And once I find a good recipe, I'm happy to make it over and over again. Below are three recipes that I've tried and love this time of year!

Banana bread recipe - easy fall recipes

Photo via Base Culture

Banana bread // I've been modifying this recipe from Cookie and Kate for years now. I tend to skip the oil, add extra cinnamon, and have always swapped gluten free flour for the whole wheat flour.

zucchini noodles recipe - squash noodles recipe - easy fal lrecipes

Photo via Eat Yourself Skinny

Zucchini noodles // I recently jumped on the squash and zucchini noodle bandwagon and my only regret is not trying them sooner. Since going gluten free, I've been relatively satisfied with the bread and pizza crust options. But, I've never been thrilled with gluten free pasta. I love using zucchini or squash noodles instead because I find them to be so much better than any gluten free pasta I've tried.

I throw a plate full of zucchini or squash (or both) noodles onto a sauce pan and stir on medium heat for about five minutes. Then, I add Barilla marinara sauce and top with gluten free chicken tenders (these are my favorite). I've learned that the sauce is key with vegetable noodles so go with your favorite. I've also tried (though I didn't personally cook) this recipe and it's delicious.

apple crisp - easy fall recipes

Photo and recipe via Tastes Better from Scratch

Apple crisp // We visited a local "pick your own" farm last weekend (Hollin Farms) and I wanted to bake something with all of the apples we picked. So, I did some searching on Pinterest and decided on this recipe. I'm always nervous when trying a new recipe for the first time that doesn't come recommended by a friend and even moreso when I have to make substitutions. Here, I had to substitute regular flour for gluten free flour, old fashioned oats for gluten free oatmeal (and I ended up using quick gluten free oatmeal), and butter for a vegan alternative (I use Earth Balance). Despite all of the substitutions, it turned out really well! I can't wait to pair it with some dairy free ice cream.

What are your favorite recipes to make this time of year?

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