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meghan evans is an ethical, sustainable fashion brand - what it means to be an ethical, sustainable clothing company

Something I don't talk about much is how the ME collection is produced in an ethical, sustainable manner. It's a very important aspect of the brand and I wanted to share more about what it means.

What I do to design and produce in an ethical, sustainable manner

Production // As you may already know, all pieces are made in Washington, DC. I work with a woman owned small run production company located in Washington, DC to create each design, sample the products, and produce the full size run of all clothing. Doing so allows me to be involved in every step of the process, makes it easier to communicate ideas and expectations, and ensures that the end product is a high quality, made in the USA garment. But, it's also more environmentally friendly and cost effective; I don't incur large shipping costs or need to travel far or frequently to review samples, or meet to discuss progress.

Although it may not always be possible for me to manufacture right here in DC, I do plan to always keep production in the US. I have no intention of moving manufacturing facilities at this time, but should I do so in the future, it's something I will disclose. I am proud to support local and US-based businesses.

Fabric Sourcing // The construction of a garment is the most labor intensive aspect of the fashion industry and ensuring that it is done in an ethical, sustainable way is top priority as it has the largest impact. But, I also consider the source of the fabric used to create the designs. For example, I have used (and will continue to use when possible) deadstock fabric. Deadstock is fabric that remains unsold after production, instead of being produced after receipt of an order. Using deadstock reduces fabric waste. In addition, when sourcing fabric, I work with companies based in the US and Canada to inquire about the conditions of the mills producing the fabric. Many of these companies have longstanding relationships with the mills, visit the factories, and can attest first-hand to things like working conditions.

Versatile Pieces // Being an ethical and sustainable fashion line does not end with the produced good. I strive to design and produce versatile pieces; pieces that you can wear on many different occasions, throughout the year, and for years to come. I want to help you create a smaller wardrobe filled with pieces you love and fit well that you want to wear over and over again. A smaller closet creates less waste (a lot of clothing ends up in landfills), and is more cost effective for you in the long run. Whenever I design a piece of clothing, I always consider how versatile the piece is and how likely it is to hold up over time. Why? The true cost of any item of clothing is the cost per wear (garment price / # of times worn).

Thank you for shopping with me!


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