White After Labor Day

clothing for tall women - blue top - top - peplum

tall women's clothing - top - shirt - blue top - peplum

tall women's clothing - top - shirt - blue shirt - peplum

tall women's clothing - white denim - labor day - blue shirt

I can't believe Labor Day is almost here to usher in the unofficial end to summer. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to give up on summer!

I grew up in North Carolina where tradition dictated that you didn't wear white pants before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. I strictly adhered to that rule for years until one day I decided it made no sense. It's so hot between Memorial and Labor Day that there are very few opportunities to wear white pants without sweltering in the heat. Although the temperatures don't suddenly dip dramatically just because Labor Day has passed, they do start to gradually decline making for perfect jeans days. So, I wear my white denim until winter temperatures really begin to set in. Then, I pack away my bright white and pull out my "winter whites".

This shirt pairs perfectly with my favorite white denim. It's 100% cotton and made out of shirting material so it's lightweight and the silhouette is airy - the perfect combination for a summer top. Peplums are incredibly forgiving and for those like me with (extra) long torsos, provide some much needed shape and definition.

As I've mentioned before, I'm obsessed with leopard shoes. I find that they add a level of sophistication to any outfit and I keep a pair of leopard print flats and heels in my closet at all times. Here, the leopard flats dress up an otherwise casual outfit.

Do you white after labor day? What are your tips and tricks for transitioning your wardrobe between seasons?

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