Why Shorts?

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Meghan is wearing a size 4

floral shorts - ethically made shorts - 4 inch shorts

Maggie is wearing a size 12

floral shorts - chambray - 4 inch shorts - ethically made shorts

Elizabeth is wearing a size 10

floral shorts - white t shirt - ethically made shorts - 4 inch inseam

Melissa is wearing a size 6

I'm a dress girl, as you probably noticed. Three out of the first six pieces I designed and released for ME were dresses (and more were developed, I just haven't been able to produce them). But, since moving to DC, I realized the need for a good pair of shorts. But, shorts are hard to find. Especially if a basic pair of chinos or jean shorts aren't your thing. Which, in my case, they aren't. So, I spent a year buying and trying shorts, reading reviews, and talking to friends to figure out what worked and what didn't.

And as much as I love paper bag waist shorts or wide leg shorts, the need for "basic, but not your basic shorts" was real. Which is why I ended up designing these. The actual cut of them is pretty basic. They feature a 9" rise and 4" inseam along with a side-seam zip and front pockets. But, each one of these design decisions was intentional to create a flattering pair of shorts. 

Why a 9" rise? It's pretty universally flattering and falls right at to an inch below the belly button. A rise above the belly button tends to accentuate any tummy you may have (and I, like a lot of women, carry tummy weight between my belly button and hips).

Why a 4" inseam? Because it's a true short without being scandalous. It's equally appropriate for women 5'2" and 6" and ages 25 and 45. The back is also a little longer to compensate for your backside taking up room. 

Why a side-seam zipper? A lot of front zip shorts create extra bulk, right where you don't need it. A side-seam zipper streamlines the front of the short and eliminates bulk. There is a hook and eye closure on the side to assist with zipping them up. Also, the shorts are made out of fabric with a little stretch!

What about pockets? There are front slant pockets which are flattering and functional. I can fit my iPhone 6 in them. There are no back pockets. Why? Have you ever had a pair of shorts with back pockets big enough to be useful? I haven't (and I didn't find any either). Plus, they tend to bunch up when washed which isn't flattering (or comfortable). So, they provide no function. They can be flattering when done correctly, so instead of pockets we added darts which accomplishes the same thing (flattering your behind).

The pattern. The floral pattern turns these from basic to not so basic. A solid chino short is basic, and in my opinion, a little boring. These are fun yet versatile. I've paired them with a chambray top, solid navy top, bold navy stripes, both the ME v-neck and double peplum, and a solid white t-shirt. Depending on your work environment, pairing them with a blazer can dress them up enough for the office. And as an aside, blazers and shorts might be my new favorite combo!

You can shop the shorts here.

What's your favorite thing about the ME shorts?

Unless otherwise noticed, all photos by Kivus & Camera.

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