About Meghan

 Hi! Welcome to Meghan Evans, a clothing line for women responsibly designed and manufactured in Washington, DC.

When I started the brand, I only offered tall sizes. I'm 5'10'' (admittedly on the shorter side of tall) with a really (really!) long torso. Given my long torso, I've struggled my entire life to find tops, dresses, blazers, and jackets that fit well.

Eventually, I became so frustrated by the lack of options, I started buying dresses that I knew were too short and turning them into tops. You can always hem something, right? I loved finding dresses with unique fabric, sleeve detail or pattern and making a one-of-a-kind top out of them. My husband inevitably asked why I didn't just make tops that fit tall women to begin with, and that's where I got the idea to launch this clothing line. 

But, after launching pieces in tall only sizes, I began to receive requests for "regular" sizes. The requests coupled with my own realization that my aesthetic doesn't really exist in the universe of ethically made clothing, prompted me to expand the size range to include both regular and tall sizes where appropriate.

I wear and re-wear my favorite pieces of clothing, often multiple times a week. So, I want to be able to wear a dress on Monday to the office, out on a date on Friday, and to brunch on Sunday. This personal desire drives product development - from the silhouettes I choose to design to the fabric selections I make.

I am also committed to producing quality items in an ethical manner. As such, I am critical when sourcing fabrics and trims and personally wash and wear all samples before they go into production. I also work with a local, Washington, DC company to sample and produce all pieces in my collection. This affords me the ability to be very involved in the production process to guarantee a great garment.

In October 2018, I opened Park Story, a collection of local and independent brands featuring womenswear and accessories. Come shop your favorite ME styles in person! Shop location and hours can be found here.

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