meghan evans tall clothing line for women about
Hi! Welcome to Meghan Evans, a clothing line for tall women designed and manufactured in Washington, DC. At 5’10’’, I have struggled to find clothes that are both long enough and proportional for my tall frame, especially when it comes to workwear. But, the confidence and ease that come along with the perfect fitting, quality garment make the search worthwhile which is why I was inspired to design and launch this line.

I am so excited to share these pieces with you! Each item in the collection was designed to fill a hole in my own closet; pieces I knew I wanted, but could not find in tall sizes. As such, I selected fabric and design details to make them easy to wear every day of the week - from the workweek to the weekend. The line is filled with pieces that are classic with an unexpected twist which keeps them fun to wear, easy to mix and match with what you already own, and in style for years to come. They have become staples in my closet and I hope they become your most loved items, too.

Not only do I aim to make pieces that fit your tall frame, I want to produce quality items in an ethical manner. As such, I am critical when sourcing fabrics and trims. I personally wash and wear all samples before they go into production. I also work with a local, Washington, DC company to sample and produce all pieces in my collection. This affords me the ability to be very involved in the production process to guarantee a great garment.

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